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Nutrex Vitadapt Sports Multivitamin 90 veg tab x08/25

Nutrex Vitadapt Sports Multivitamin 90 veg tab x08/25

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👉 Muscle & Strength
👉 Performance & Recovery
👉 Energy & Vitality
👉 Health & Wellness

⚠ Information for 3 tablets per serving as per product supplement facts.
Advisory: Do not exceed 2 tablets daily.

✅ The Athlete's Multi
VITADAPT is an advanced sports multivitamin and performance adaptogen serious athletes have been asking for. Its all-in-one formula perfectly satisfies the needs of athletes under high physical demands. Effective amounts of vitamins, minerals and adaptogens shield your body from stress and prime you to become stronger.

✅ Properly Dosed and Highly Absorbable
Athletes subject their bodies to much higher physical stress than ordinary people and thus have very unique needs. They require a multi that is properly dosed and delivers all vitamins and minerals not only in an optimum ratio but most importantly in a fully absorbable form. If not, your body can’t utilize them and your product is ineffective.

✅ Taking the Guesswork Out Of Multis
VITADAPT takes the guesswork out of multivitamins. It ensures there will be no deficient nutrient levels in your body that could ultimately hinder your performance, recovery and muscle development. VITADAPT is easy to take, just one serving in the morning and you are all set.

✅ Benefit From Added Adaptogens
VITADAPT is not only a complete sports multivitamin/mineral but also contains adaptogens such as clinically proven KSM-66. As their name suggests, adaptogens increase your body’s ability to adapt to stress. This means improved strength, recovery and optimized muscle function as well as overall vitality.

Stop wasting money on ineffective multis and start investing in an effective sports multivitamin. One that provides you, the hard-working athlete, with everything you need to support and increase performance, recovery, and muscle growth. Pick up a bottle of VITADAPT today.

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Customer Reviews

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andrew (Singapore, SG)
Essential Support for Active Lifestyles!

What sets Vitadapt apart is its tailored formulation for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals goes beyond basic nutritional needs, addressing the specific demands of physical activity. From enhanced energy levels to improved recovery, this multivitamin covers all the bases.

I appreciate that Nutrex has prioritized ingredient quality. The inclusion of key nutrients, such as B-vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes, has noticeably contributed to my overall well-being. I've experienced increased vitality and a reduction in post-exercise fatigue since incorporating Vitadapt into my regimen.

The easy-to-swallow capsules are another plus. No unpleasant aftertaste or digestive discomfort—just a convenient and efficient way to ensure I'm getting the essential nutrients my body needs to perform at its best.

Whether you're an avid gym-goer, a runner, or simply someone looking to support an active lifestyle, Nutrex Vitadapt is a solid choice. It provides the foundational support necessary for optimal performance and recovery, making it a valuable addition to any fitness journey. I highly recommend Nutrex Vitadapt Sports Multivitamin for its effectiveness and convenience.

Kelvin W. (Singapore, SG)
Nutrex Vitadapt Sports Multivitamin 90 tablets

Easy to consume. Been taking this multi vitamin for months.

K.W. (Singapore, SG)
Nutrex Vitadapt Sports Multivitamin 90 tablets

My 2nd time purchase this multi-vitamins. Easy to consume and effective.
Good product and fast delivery

Arash S. (Singapore, SG)
Not bad

It has a variety of vitamins, enough to ensure you get your vitamins each day. But the pills are quite big, a bit of a struggle to swallow. Overall, still does its job. Not to mention cheap.

K.W. (Singapore, SG)
Nutrex Vitadapt Sports Multivitamin

Easy to consume compare to another brand that provide 9 pills. Where it contains the same ingredients. Price is also affordable.