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Nutrex Lipo6 CLA 120 Veggie Softgels
Nutrex Lipo6 CLA 120 Veggie Softgels sf
Nutrex Lipo6 CLA 45 softgels
Nutrex Lipo6 CLA 45 softgels sf
Nutrex Lipo6 CLA

Nutrex Lipo6 CLA

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LIPO-6 CLA is a highly concentrated form of the naturally occurring Conjugated Linoleic Acid. When combined with regular exercise CLA can help you get a lean body. It assists in lean muscle development which in turn supports natural fat-burning as the body burns calories to sustain proper muscle function. By supporting a higher metabolic activity LIPO-6 CLA helps dieters to achieve their body composition goals.

LIPO-6 CLA is free of stimulants and can easily be combined with other diet products. To optimize results this product provides CLA in fast-absorbing liquid softgel capsules.

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