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MyProtein The Whey 1kg 30srv

MyProtein The Whey 1kg 30srv

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  • Ultra-premium whey
  • 25g of protein per serving, supporting your muscles1
  • Under 2g of carbs and 1g of fat per serving*
  • Features MyZyme™ — a unique enzyme complex

Impact Whey 25g Flavours given will be random.

Note the container of THE Whey is dented. Inner seal is intact. Do not proceed with this purchase if you would like a perfect container.

THE Whey™ is our premium protein blend, boasting 25g of protein, 3g of leucine, and over 5g of naturally-occurring glutamine in every serving.

This protein blend contains less than 2g of carbohydrates* and under 1g of fat* — making it the ideal fuel for your workouts without derailing your diet.

THE Whey™ has been created using expert filtration systems and the finest ingredients, designed to provide the fuel your muscles need to grow.1

Mix 1 scoop (32g) with 300ml of water and consume 30 minutes before and/or after exercise.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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