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MyProtein CLA 1000mg 60 gels x05/24

MyProtein CLA 1000mg 60 gels x05/24

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Our CLA softgel capsules are a great way of making sure you get a quick fix of omega-6, giving you 1000mg of safflower oil with 80% conjugated linoleic acid per serving.

What is CLA?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring omega-6 fatty acid that can’t be produced by your body. As CLA is most commonly found in meat and dairy, it can be difficult and expensive to get enough from food alone.

What are the benefits of CLA capsules?

Our CLA softgels are a super-convenient way of getting more of this omega-6 fatty acid into your diet without the time and effort of meal prep — or the extra calories. This makes our CLA capsules perfect for supporting your training goals, no matter how busy your schedule.

  • Naturally occuring free fatty acid
  • Derived from Safflower oil
  • 76.8% total active isomers

Who are CLA capsules for?

We recommend our CLA capsules to anyone wanting to increase their intake of omega-6, particularly if you lead a hectic lifestyle which may make it harder to get enough of this fatty acid from what you eat alone.

When to take CLA Capsules?

CLA capsules are an ideal way to supplement a balanced diet, simply consume 2 capsules daily. Best taken with food.

What do CLA Capsules work well with?

CLA is important for your general health, but you also need protein to achieve your workout goals. For some of the purest protein around, add Impact Whey Isolate to grow and maintain important muscle.1

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