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Muscle Sandwich

Muscle Sandwich Protein 56g Single Bar

Muscle Sandwich Protein 56g Single Bar

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The Original Muscle Sandwich®

✅ l00% Real Peanut Butter
✅ 14g Whey Protein Isolate
✅ Crispy Graham Crackers Inside
✅ Chocolatety Coating

It's a candy bar with protein—not the other way around.
We know dieting is tough. We know you want to cheat. Our bar fits perfectly into whatever situation you have going on. Whether you’re bulking, cutting, or just trying to distract your kids for ten minutes, Muscle Sandwich® has you covered. No other candy bar offers the same premium quality protein, and no other protein bar tastes this good.

100% real peanut butter SANDWICHED between two crispy graham crackers, tied to cement blocks, and thrown into a river of yummy milk chocolatey goodness.

The Muscle Sandwich® starts with 100% real, creamy peanut butter—and lots of it!

We pack 14g premium whey protein isolate into the PB.

Delicately hand-placed, golden, crispy graham crackers cradle the PB & whey, adding a welcome and delectable crunch.

A silky, sweet chocolatey coating envelops the whole Sandwich.

✅ Handmade in the USA!
Each and every Muscle Sandwich® is handmade in the USA

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