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Cool-X Gel Tube - 150 ml x07/25

Cool-X Gel Tube - 150 ml x07/25

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✅ COOLING - Controlled decreasing of the skin temperature
✅ CONTROL - Affecting pain sensory nerves by cooling the skin
✅ CIRCULATION - Muscle recovery and relaxation by increasing the blood flow
✅ Product of Finland
✅ Economy Tube Form Packing.

Cool-X Cold Gel is a drug-free muscle and joint pain reliever. Reduces swelling and inflammation. Used to trigger muscle tension and speed up muscle recovery from strain. An excellent aid for the treatment of stress injuries and it can also be used for the follow-up treatment of sprains and strains after acute cold therapy. Directions for use: Apply the cold gel to the treated area every 2-4 hours, as needed. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Avoid contact with eyes, wounds or mucous membranes. Rinse with plenty of water if this happens. If the pain continues for a long time or worsens despite treatment, contact your doctor. Cool-X Cold Gel contains MSM, is dye-free and suitable for the whole family.

Cool-X Cold Gel is applicable for:
✅ For bruises
✅ For minor burns
✅ For sunburned skin
✅ For insect bites
✅ For growing pains
✅ For tendinitis
✅ For rheumatic pains
✅ Migraine

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