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Aroox Premium Wrist Wraps

Aroox Premium Wrist Wraps

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Find out how to put on the wrist correctly from this video. Don't use the thumb!


Avoid injuries to your wrists. Use wrist wraps to provide proper support to your wrist joints. With better support, lift heavier with Aroox Premium Cotton Wrist Wraps!

  • Quality Elastic Material
    Comfortable wrap around the wrist. You won't even feel its there!
  • Fully Adjustable Closure
    Maximum wrist stability & support. Go ahead and wrap real tight to support your heaviest payload!

  • Elastic Finger Loop
    Loop, wrap and go! No fumbling! The elastic loops help you to put on the wraps really fast. Imagine if there are no loops?

Aroox Premium Wrist Wraps are hand made in Singapore with care. 

    Care instructions

    These wraps are recommended to be hand washed.

    Use mild soap like hand soap to wash. Then rinse thoroughly in cool water. 

    Air dry on the laundry line. Do not tumble in the dryer.



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