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Aroox Premium Leather Gloves

Aroox Premium Leather Gloves

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Aroox Premium Leather Gloves. Very high quality and comfortable gloves. Fit to believe at our outlets.

Aroox Premium Leather Gloves

Product information 

  • • Double stitched leather for enhanced durability 
  • • Dense terry foam cushions palm grips to add stability during use 
  • • Premium leather protects hands and add soft comfort to skin 
  • • 1/2 finger length increases contact with grip surface 
  • • Wrap around thumb protection 
  • • Fully adjustable wrist closure

Care instructions

These gloves are recommended to be washed by hand.

Use mild soap like hand soap to wash the gloves.

Then rinse thoroughly in cool water.
Lay them down on a towel and place another towel on top

Pat them down to get as much as water out as possible without wringing them.

Let them air dry either by laying them flat or hanging them up to dry.

Make sure they are NOT in direct sunlight.

UV rays can damage the gloves.


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Inventory Last Updated: 26 Oct 2021