Clumpy or Hardened Condition

⚠ Please read carefully before you make this purchase!
This product may be sold in clumpy or hardened condition. There will be no exchange or refund.

⚠ Conditions of Purchase
By purchasing this product, you agree that you understand that this product is not in its ideal condition (fine powder and light coloured). The contents of this product may be in one or more of the following conditions: hardened (but can be broken and mixed with water), slight caking, lumps of powder clump together, darkened powder, specks of dark spots.

⚠ You agree that this product once sold cannot be exchanged.

❔ Why is this pre-workout clumpy?
A fairly common issue with pre workout supplements is that the powder can ‘clump’ together. Most pre workout supplements come in powder form, they contain hygrosopic ingredients (meaning they attract and hold water molecules at normal or room temperature).

Ingredients know to us as very hygroscopic are
• Glycerol
• Citrulline
• Citrulline malate
• Creatine nitrate

❔ Is it safe to consume this product?
Pre-workouts are generally safe to use after they have clumped. The powder has absorbed moisture (due to being hygroscopic). This doesn’t affect the safety or effectiveness of these supplements at all. If you are still cautious, Google "Is it safe to take a pre-workout after it clumps", and exercise your own discretion before proceeding to buy this product.

❔ I have bought this "clumpy" product. How do I break it into powder for mixing?
1. Use a food blender. Make sure the machine is COMPLETELY DRY!
2. If you do not have a food blender, put all the clumped contents into a ziploc bag and hammer it with a rolling pin or similar kitchen tool.