RSP Nutrition Amino Focus 225g Raspberry Limeade
RSP Nutrition Amino Focus 225g Raspberry Limeade sf
RSP Nutrition Amino Focus 225g Strawberry Kiwi
RSP Nutrition Amino Focus 225g Strawberry Kiwi sf

RSP Nutrition Amino Focus 225g

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AminoFocus is formulated to be the ideal amino solution for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and competitors looking for a product to support mental focus, muscle growth, and training intensity during workouts or on non-training days for maximum recovery. Created to be used as the ideal intra-workout supplement, but great as a pre-workout or daily pick-me-up, AminoFocus is the go-to for promoting recovery, endurance and mental focus for everyone.

Aminos + Energy + Focus

  • TeaCrine® for sustained energy, focus and enhanced effects of caffeine.
  • Both BCAAs & EAAs for a complete amino acid profile.
  • Natural nootropics Citocholine & Alpha-GPC for mental focus and mood elevation.
  • Natural caffeine from green tea for immediate energy and alertness.

AminoFocus contains a potent Amino Blend to fuel muscle recovery, promote protein synthesis and increase endurance to help you perform at your best. Additionally, AminoFocus utilizes TeaCrine® and natural caffeine from green tea gives you the smooth, clean and long lasting energy to power you through the toughest workout or the most daunting daily tasks. Lastly, AminoFocus will have you mentally sharp, utilizing nootropics Choline Bitartrate, Alpha-GPC and CDP Choline. With no artificial colors or flavors, AminoFocus is the refreshing, delicious and sugar free way to power through any workout, workday or morning routine.

  • Powered by TeaCrine® to give a sustained energy release as well as a boost to cognition, mood and focus, all without the jitters.
  • The Amino Blend contains both BCAAs and EAAs to maximize protein synthesis and help build and maintain lean muscle.
  • A comprehensive Focus Blend that uses potent, natural nootropics for focus, energy and mental acuity.
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Sure, there are times you need the extra kick for an intense workout, but sometimes you just need a pick-me-up in the morning or late afternoon. AminoFocus delivers the ideal solution for both, providing a customized experience based on your energy needs.

Recommended Use Charts

RSP Nutrition Amino Focus Recommended Use Charts

The Science of AminoFocus



Inhibits adenosine-decreases feelings of fatigue; Supports positive mood and heightened motivation to exercise; No typical “adaptation” like other stimulants; Supports dopamine levels in the brain for “feel good” sensation.



Plays critical role in brain, nervous system, and muscle function; Improves mood and reaction time; Helps support mind-muscle connection.


Caffeine (from Green Tea):

Potent CNS stimulant that antagonizes adenosine receptors; Enhances mental focus and energy; Increase cognition and reaction time; Contributes to fat loss by helping release more fat cells and reduces fat storage.



Elevates muscle protein synthesis & nitrogen retention to enhance lean muscle growth/preservation from training; Increases muscle recovery & prevents fatigue.
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