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Nutrex Tribulus Black 1300 120 capsules
Nutrex Tribulus Black 1300 120 capsules

Nutrex Tribulus Black 1300 120 capsules

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  • Improve Natural Testosterone Levels
  • Supports Increased Libido
  • Harden Body Composition
  • Improved Hormone Regulation
  • Improve Lean Muscle Growth

    Tribulus Black 1300 utilizes a potent extract of 1300mg Tribulus Terrestris per serving to help support and strengthen healthy testosterone levels. It is a great natural choice for the active male to aid in vitality, muscle recovery and strength. Tribulus is very well known when it comes to the improvement of natural testosterone levels and hormone regulation. This highly studied ingredient has shown numerous times that it can positively effect muscle growth. and increase drive within males.

    Hormone regulation is the ultimate support of lean body mass and improving the hardening of one’s body composition. Tribulus can help regulate the natural hormone levels while also improving testosterone to make muscle growth much more effective. Post Cycle Therapy is a main function of this ingredient as bringing the body’s hormonal levels to a sense of normalcy can improve overall health and wellness.

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    Inventory Last Updated: 25 Sep 2021