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Aroox Sports Belt Bag Heavy Duty
Aroox Sports Belt Bag Heavy Duty

Aroox Sports Belt Bag Heavy Duty

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All Terrain Sports Belt - Designed with both function and stylized comfort! 

Aroox sports waist belt is the best companion for the active people on the go.  The durable and tough buckle clicks open easily, so putting it is hassle free. The heavy duty straps are well suited for personal use, and even possible to strap it to other bags or equipments. 

Aroox sports waist belt fits up to 44 inch waist size, and with its easy-case modern fabric, it shapes up well to any physique to maintain a neat profile. Designed to be sleek and discreet, the belts fits in with most fashion trends. 

Aroox sports waist belt is made of a modern fabric that is technologically designed to expand to fit more than 5 times volume than its flat profile. With a double fold and double zip length, you can fit most of your favourite travel items including water bottle, towels, wallets, keys, journal notes, small notepads, books and even much more. 

For any occasions - travel trips or adventure sports - Aroox Sports Waist Belt is your best companion on the go!

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Inventory Last Updated: 27 Oct 2021