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AllMax Hydra Dry 84 tablets x03/24

AllMax Hydra Dry 84 tablets x03/24

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✅ 14 Day Pre-Contest Water Loss System
✅ 2 Forms Ultra-Potent Dandelion Extracts
✅ 3-Phase Water Depletion System
✅ 9 Standardized Extract

❔ What is HYDRADRY?
ALLMAX Pro-Competition Series introduces HydraDry, the most advanced competition-specific water loss system ever. HydraDry is tailored specifically to the needs of the on-stage competitor who needs the sharpest, razor-like hardness that only HydraDry can deliver.

❔ How does HYDRADRY work?
HydraDry works by eliminating excess water from beneath the skin to reveal the kind of detail that wins shows. Puffy, bloated skin caused by excess water hides muscle definition. This is made even worse by the harsh lights used in stage competition.

❔ Who can use HYDRADRY?
Designed to be used for only 14 days, the HydraDry Pre-Contest Water Loss System provides the ideal timeframe to ensure razor-sharp definition. Since there are no harsh chemicals, HydraDry works with your body to gently but effectively reduce the appearance of edema or puffy skin caused by excess water.

❔ How do I take HYDRADRY?
Adults take 3 tablets 2 times daily for 14 days. Take your first serving in the morning and your second serving in the evening.

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