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Allmax CaseinFX Slow-Release Protein 2 lbs

Allmax CaseinFX Slow-Release Protein 2 lbs

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✅ 25 g Slow-Release Protein per Serving
✅ Enzyme activated protein absorption
✅ Zero Non-Protein Aminos
✅ Next Level Night Time Supplementation

Get ready for the ultimate slow release protein from ALLMAX! We revamped our “tried and true” CASEIN-FX and made it better. CASEIN-FX looks sharper than ever in our new patent pending SCOOP-LOCK™ system with ERGO-LID™ packaging!

✅ Micellar Casein is unique in that digestion causes it to dramatically slow down, providing a trickle-feeding effect over a sustained 8 – 10 hour period of release. The pH sensitive ACTIVASE™ Patented Enzyme Activation Technology increases the amount of protein broken down into absorption-ready amino acids to continually fuel your gains. ACTIVASE™ is triggered by digestion and enhances this process by more effectively breaking the larger protein molecules into bioavailable amino acids and protein peptides.

✅ CASEIN-FX™ is fortified with new ACTIVASE™ Enzyme Activation Technology that literally increases the amount of absorption-ready amino acids to continually fuel your gains. With Activase™ there are 4 unique forms of protein-digesting enzymes that each work at different stages of digestion, providing up to 4 times the level of digestible Amino Acids from Protein! In addition, we’ve included Lactase; a Lactose digesting enzyme that helps to prevent bloating, gas or indigestion that can occur with other proteins! If you’re sensitive to Lactose from Dairy, then this is the ideal Protein for you! Get more out of every scoop of Protein with Activase™!

✅ The most neglected time to gain muscle is when you sleep! The 8 to 10 hours of sleep you need is the longest period of time you will go without protein. During this time, you’re missing an opportunity to keep building muscle, but just as important, preventing your body from breaking your muscle down! Recent studies from McMaster University show that intense resistance training dramatically increase the need for protein and that supplementing protein before sleeping could be the most critical time to take it.

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Customer Reviews

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Sean S. (Singapore, SG)
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

I've bought this product quite some time back, but I'm on the verge of finishing it, hence I can only write a review now so have an accurate review. Verdict...
The Good = Taste wise, I would say AllMax Casein FX is one the best (if not the BEST!) tasting Casein protein out there! It beats ON's Casein hands-down (esp. when compare Chocolate vs Chocolate Supreme). The effects of recovery also works just as well compared to ON's Casein.
The Bad = One drawback of this product is that the texture of the casein protein is rather "powdery". Despite it mixing well (which is quite easy) but somehow the texture is rather powdery, and not smooth... but one thing at least it don't really sticks on your cup and spoon as much compared to ON.
The Ugly = I noticed ever since the new shipment of AllMax arrives, the prices shoot up quite a fair bit!! (some as much as double digit!) My idea of AllMax products are that they gives quality without compromising on the prices. Unfortunately, this "new shipment" prove me otherwise....

Hello! Thank you for taking your precious time to help us with the review.

' casein protein is rather 'powdery' ' <-- this is absolutely correct. Texture of Casein Protein tends to be 'fluffier' and coarser than Whey Protein. Whey Isolate has the smoothest texture.

'. . .the prices shoot up quite a fair bit!!' <-- the pricing before the new batch of AllMax were sold at a special price, below what we had to normally sell. And when the new products arrived, we have to price it back to the normal price to keep our business going. We do very regular price checks to ensure we have the most competitive prices.

Thank you for your support with TSW!