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RSP Nutrition BCAA 5000 225g
RSP Nutrition BCAA 5000 225g

RSP Nutrition BCAA 5000 225g

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BCAAs have been shown in research to play a critical role in muscle protein synthesis and act as a fuel during exercise. Not only is there scientific research supporting BCAAs for improving muscle recovery, but they also have been shown to help preserve existing muscle tissue. Additionally, BCAAs may play an important part in the maintenance of immune system function.
BCAA 5000

Research Proven2:1:1 BCAA Ratio


BCAA 5000 has been crafted with the scientifically proven 2:1:1 amino acid ratio. This ratio utilizes all the benefits of the three different amino acids. They play a critical role in the muscle protein synthesis process, and during exercise it promotes lean muscle growth, increased endurance, and energy.

Leucine and Isoleucine can help you push through the toughest workout by promoting muscle growth and boosting your energy, which will in turn boost your endurance. In addition to increased endurance, Valine works to prevent fatigue in order to maintain the muscle endurance and strength. The benefits of BCAA 5000 will continue after your exercise is completed. It will then accelerate muscle recovery and can help retain the new muscle that has been built. BCAA 5000 can also help maintain healthy immune system function.

Endurance & Energy

BCAA 5000 can be used to increase endurance and act as a fuel during exercise. It contains Isoleucine, which increases the glucose uptake and the use of glucose during exercise, which leads to a greater energy production. Also included is Valine, which promotes muscular endurance, making BCAA 5000 the ideal branched chain amino acids supplement to add to your post-workout routine.

Lean Muscle Growth

This BCAA ratio helps to promote both lean muscle growth and the preservation of existing muscle tissue. The amino acid, Leucine, works to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which is responsible for promoting lean muscle growth. Ensure your hard work in the gym pays off by fueling your muscles with the essential BCAAs it needs post workout or anytime through the day.

2:1:1 Ratio

BCAA 5000 uses a scientifically proven, 2:1:1 ratio. It provides the optimal combination of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine to efficiently support muscle growth and recovery, endurance, protein synthesis and fatigue reduction. This ratio has been shown to best optimize the benefits of each amino acid, making it an ideal post workout option for those looking for an optimal branched chain amino acids solution.

Post Workout Recovery

BCAA 5000 includes 5g of BCAA per serving in order to help your muscles recover so that you can be ready for your next workout. The three amino acids in BCAA 5000 can help speed up muscle repair, promote faster recovery, and replenish your energy levels to tackle the rest of your day. RSP BCAA 5000 truly provides crucial elements your body needs to both repair and build muscle.

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