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AllMax Classic AllWhey Protein 5 lbs (Kosher)

AllMax Classic AllWhey Protein 5 lbs (Kosher)

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✅ 30g Protein
✅ Great Tasting Whey Protein Powder
✅ Exclusive Source: Kosher Whey Protein
✅ Lab-Tested & Certified, Guaranteed

When you’re looking for a gluten free protein, you’re looking for the cleanest protein at the best price. Compare us to the competition, some are as low as 50% protein! Look at their serving size and total protein and do the math. Check their ingredients, others often contain inferior non-whey protein sources and non-protein fillers. AllWhey stands head and shoulders above the competition delivering exceptional value with 30 g protein at a cost that will keep you smiling all the way to the gym!

AllMax Classic AllWhey is just that, it’s ALL WHEY! AllWhey has no inferior non-whey protein sources like soy or beef. It has zero non-protein Aminos and no fillers. Every gram of protein claimed is a true protein! AllWhey delivers a premium whey protein concentrate to help rebuild your muscles after intense training. Research shows that higher protein levels post-workout help muscles recover faster.

AllMax Classic AllWhey is produced in a cGMP registered facility, it’s tested and certified Gluten-Free and certified Kosher protein powder. Additionally, AllWhey is certified as an approved Informed-Choice tested for banned substances protein as indicated by the seal of approval on every container.

Classic AllWhey now features SCOOP-LOCK™ Technology

Look for the rugged new Ergo-Lid™ on ALLMAX products with Scoop-Lock™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Mohamed N.A.R. (Tampines New Town, SG)
Halal Prodic

Bought this product first time because it was kosher.

Alex (Singapore, SG)
Great product for everyday protein

I got the chocolate flavour and it has a good chocolate flavour and it mixes well by hand or in a blender

Randy (Singapore, SG)

Pleased with price and taste

Gary M.
Good quality protein

Excellent taste and highly mixable with no clumping.
TSW always has the best price for their products.
Very fast delivery as well.

Best deal for a good quality brand

TSW has the best price so far and this is a widely known whey protein brand